/re.veˈniɾ/     /reh veh near/

:  to return;  to go back

REVENIR is our path...the path we return to - our roots, our love, our need to feel free...flowing down a jump line, twisting a throttle, finding freeride lines, pumping through skate parks or tree runs.  For us REVENIR is the return to the art of flow, time and time again.  The feedback loop that racks endorphins, and brings us back, returning us to the gift...of flow through space and time.  

REVENIR creates apparel for mountain bikers, moto riders, boarders, and adventurers.  We are a premium brand using organic cotton, hemp, recycled polyester, and made-in-the-USA whenever possible.  We have a commitment to quality and sweat the details.    

Feel free to reach out anytime to info@revenir.cc if you have any questions.  Also subscribe to our email list for 10% off!

Chris Hinkle
Founder/Owner | REVENIR


A note on the ethos of REVENIR:

We are an all inclusive brand and inclusivity runs deep in our worldview.  We love people getting stoked on bikes, boards, motos, and adventure lifestyle, no matter their ethnicity, sexual identity or preference, skill level, or gear.  We only want to promote stoke and for people to live their best life!  Also freedom is key, but it has to be freedom with respect, and thoughtfulness towards others.