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2021 is a wrap! (+ the rebrand)

2021 is a wrap! (+ the rebrand)

2021 was a big year for us…we met so many of you - our customers, our friends - at the races, on the trail, and on adventures across the country.  Our 2021 success, however, started in 2020…  



We kicked off ELDN in late 2020 (our Ride The Lighting MMXX collection commemorated that year) without knowing what to expect.  Our intention was to create a local mountain bike brand for the community of Flagstaff and beyond.  And the response was amazing.  Our first order came from a local Flagstaff-ian, and before we knew it we had sales coming in from multiple states and sponsorship requests from all over the world.  We have so much gratitude for all of you - our supporters, customers, team riders, and community members.  It’s rad to see our tees, hats, and jerseys on the trail, at bike parks, and on the streets of Flagstaff and other MTB towns.  And although it was 2020 that is the founding stamp in our history, it was 2021 that we first got to meet face to face - er maybe mask to mask, as covid dominated the scene.



In 2021 we attended the MBAA races series in AZ, the Youth Enduro Series in Utah, Woodward in Park City, and had our first annual team riders meet up at Angel Fire, NM.  The Summer was a blast!  Angel Fire was our bike park of choice, in 2021, but Brian Head, only 4 hrs away, was a close second (unfortunately we were shut out of Whistler due to covid).



Our apparel line grew to include graphic tees, flannels, jerseys, hats and socks, and we had top caps and mud guards made as well.  Our jerseys evolved as we changed factories, to include different fabrics, UPF protection, and testing some women’s cuts.  Then as Fall turned to early Winter we started to evaluate our next move.  



Our love for ELDN as a name, never waned.  For us ELDN is a geo-reference and it means a lot, the mountain is our backyard, but some people didn’t get, we started to notice people (outside of AZ) referring to the brand as E L D N, an acronym.  Once, I was even introduced as the owner of E L D N!  Now we know names mean something, nothing, and everything all at the same time.  Still, we couldn’t help but think…should we change the name?  should we rebrand?  will our customers, our crew, stand behind us if we do?



Now 2022 is starting to look a lot like 2020 too.


We decided to go for it.  We decided to believe our customers would stand behind us, as they did before when we popped out of nowhere, as a new local brand.  We knew they would give us time to shake out the bugs and ultimately find the path that kept the spirit of ELDN in a new name, a new brand, that meets our philosophy on an even deeper level.


REVENIR is born.



Our new name REVENIR comes from the French language, it means “to go back”, “to return”.  The name resonates on a personal level in many many ways, but in its simplest form REVENIR to us, is our return to analog, to the artifacts, to finding flow…to the core of life as an experience best spent in the mountains on two wheels, carving a board, adventuring or being next to a campfire with friends.


We couldn’t be more excited about 2022!  We have upped our game.  Many of our new products include organic cotton, hemp, and recycled materials.  Our new designs - cut and sewn to our specs - are on the next level.  And no worries for the ELDN fans!  ELDN will now be a "collection" under the REVENIR brand.  Win, win.  



New jerseys, gloves and pants are on the way for Spring.  Also, look our for our new team riders and collabs.  Big plans and reveals coming soon!


We are proud of what we have to offer and look forward to sharing them with you.


THANK YOU!  for a rad 2021!  Lets make 2020 Too even radder!




Chris Hinkle

Founder/Owner REVENIR 




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